SPECIAL ORDER:  We can make your own order
you like for any special event. If you'd like to
bring your own DJ or mariachi or band you are
welcome to, but please call ahead to make
Music reservations.  We welcome your
Community events & We’re open for any
community event, please call for reservations
for you next; fund raising, Wedding reception, a
special Birthday Party, Privet party,
Our Special Events Packages at Haydee's Restaurants
For private parties on Monday thru Thursday or Friday thru Sunday before 11p.m.
not including any decorations, tips, or music. 30% deposits are required. We are
available on Friday and Saturday after 11p.m with live music at a different price.

Our Party Packages:

Chicken dinner and 4 drinks each. Choose from Margarita
Classic, rum, Absolut Vodka, 1800 tequila, House Whisky, Sodas, juices, or any
Domestic, or imported beer. Price- $35 per person

Beef, Fish, or shrimp with 4 drinks Remy Martin, Grey Goose, Henesy, 1738 Remmy,
Tequila Patron, Jack Daniels, Jonnie Walker black, Bacardi rum, or any juice, soda,
or domestic beer, or imported beer. Price $50 per person.

Finger Food
Three Drinks choose from Classic Margarita, House Rum, Tequila, Whisky, Vodka,
or any juice, soda, or Domestic beer, or Imported Beer.
3102 Mt. Pleasant St., NW
(202) 483-9199
6303 Georgia Avenue, NW
(202) 829-6647
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