Live Music at Haydee's
Upcoming events at Haydee's 3102 Mount Pleasant:
On hold 2016
Sir Ramases: Ritmos Raros
Starting at 10:00 pm until 3:00am
Little Red & The Renegades Is at Haydee's!!!!
Red hot
Zydeco and New Orleans R&b
12.9.2016 9pm to 1am  No cover charge

SPECIAL ORDER: We can make your own order the way you'd
like for any special event!!!

If you'd like to bring your own DJ or mariachi or band you are welcome to, but
please call ahead to make Music reservations.  We welcome your Community
events & We’re open for any community event, please call for reservations for
you next; fund raising, Wedding reception, a special Birthday Party, Privet party,

We’re available for special parties according to your time if you have a group
and you'd like to come in any day for lunch time please call 202-821-7943.

you will have fun  
Everything from Salsa to Ska

And best of all its free!
Haydee's!!  o
n the following Thursdays:
December 15,2016
Evan and Ross
Wednesday on hold. 7:30 to 11pm  
at 3102 mount pleasant st NW
Emilio Stevens on hold
D.6 Mario Jr the Haydee's chef will be Performing at Haydee's
!!! Friday August 26th,2016
A taste of Texas in the nation’s capital, a bit of Dixie in the District, The Human Country Jukebox plays
the best classic country and western songs by the likes of Bob Wills, Hank Williams, Willie Nelson,
Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and more. If these songs don’t get your hands clapping and your feet
stomping you should probably see a doctor. And don’t say, “I don’t like country music.” If you like great
singing, expert playing, soulful, bluesy, “I’m so sad I could drink, so happy I could drink some more”
music then you’ll enjoy The Human Country Jukebox.

Based in Adams Morgan, The Human Country Jukebox is made up members from all across these
United States. A rag-tag group who met through open-mic nights around D.C., The Human Country
Jukebox consists of Jack “Big Texas” Gregori on lead vocals and guitar, Jackie “The Intimidator”
Zubrzycki on vocals and keys, Saw-Dust Charlie on harp, Ken “Porkchop” Cobb on bass and vocals,
and “El Guapo” Jacob Patterson-Stein on drums
THE Human Country Jukebox THE HOTTEST Country Music BAND TO HIT DC  PLAYING
. Is
coming to
Haydee's Of Mount pleasant Saturday 1/17.2016 and
From 9pm to 1:am
and there is no COVER CHARGE!! So COME AND HAVE FUN    please call for
Little Red & The
  Is at    
Red hot Zydeco and New
Orleans R&b
Every second Friday of the
*subject to be changed*
Tribaldi's band A Hot Latin Band Playing salsa Merengue
Cumbia. We are Sure  they  will make you dance till you
can't move they will be playing at haydee's in mount
pleasant Sunday May 29th
Live at haydee's Saturday 12/10/2016 , and 1/14/17.
Followed by KARAOKE  9pm-to12am
3102 Mt. Pleasant St., NW
(202) 483-9199
6303 Georgia Avenue, NW
(202) 829-6647
Live Music
Band Calender
Elena & Los Fulanos is a bilingual folk rock band based in Washington,
DC. Since 2011, they have been creating music ranging from twangy,
heartbreak-themed folk Americana, to soothing, introspective, violin-
infused Latin rock. Influenced by front-woman Elena Lacayo’s
experience growing up in two cultures, Elena & Los Fulanos creates a
world where language and tradition meld with catchy melodies and
inventive chords to enhance appreciation for diversity in an increasingly
multi-cultural world wil Performe at HAYDEE's on hold
The Excitable Boys are a high energy rock and roll outfit brought together by a
love of Warren Zevon's music. Playing at Haydee's on
Sat. January 7,2017
Friday September 16,2016  Los Gallos Negros will play
followed by Karaoke with Oscar Ramos.
perform followed by Los Gallos Negros. KARAOKE IS
Calamity Row is a group of hillbillies who mistook the occupy movement for a
campground and now DC can't get rid of them
on hold
Attention all singers and people who like
to have fun! Haydee's now has
KARAOKE almost every night. Chances
are that any night you're Haydee's you'll
find yourself singing and having fun!
Bryant McGregory
On September 3rd join us in enjoying random roots of Blues and R&B